I am Dr. Nicketa Coombs Ph.D. 

Scientist-Practitioner, Public Speaker, Educator, DEI Consultant, Writer, Podcast Host, Social Justice Advocate, Mental Health Professional, Lifelong Learner, Free Thinker, Neurodivergent Empath, Survivor.

Welcome to my personal portfolio.

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A Fraction of My Story: Autobiography

Daughter of an incredible dressmaker turned healthcare worker and an incredibly talented reggae musician. 


My initial interest in psychology began from my own personal experiences and the impact of those events on my well-being, especially early in life. My childhood was a combination of academic and athletic prowess, mixed with experiences of abuse and exposure to violence; I was a witness to the brutal murder of a step-parent during my teenage years. I was born and raised in Jamaica where mental health struggles are not recognized as legitimate health concerns, a change I plan to make. I was a competitive runner and used that as not only my sanctuary, but also an avenue towards a better life. After high school, I received multiple full athletic scholarship offers and accepted the offer to attend the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. I continued to excel both academically and athletically, and became a five time All-American NCAA runner and All-Academic student-athlete.

            A major highlight of my college experience has been the opportunity to work with psychologists learning to process early traumatic experiences. This was life changing and I became hungry to be a part of the revolution that prioritized mental healthiness, especially in children. I am now a successful doctoral candidate because of the help I received from psychologists, and a strong collaborative support system. My life experiences and interactions with psychologists have increased my interest in learning about how psychology can be used as a tool to support those who have had similar life experiences, especially those from underserved communities battling other issues like poverty and violence. Thus, it is no surprise that my research interests broadly focuses on the realm of Social Justice and promoting equality.

            Throughout my graduate career, I have had the opportunity to train in a variety of settings, and with diverse populations and needs. My school-based practicums provided experiences collaborating with school professionals in support of special education evaluations, teacher classroom management, and student academic and behavioral interventions. I was also able to conduct various professional development workshops for teachers to improve culturally responsive teaching and their relationships with diverse learners. My third year was spent developing and delivering high quality services in a community-based mental health clinic providing quality assessment, non-conflicted case management, and community based referrals to identify and meet the needs of families in the county. This year my practicum is through the Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition, cultivating social and emotional health through a multidisciplinary collaboration to promote the mental health and well-being of all children in our county.

            I aspire to a career in academia with applied research with some clinical practice and DEI consultation, grounded in rich experiences to train future psychologists and bridge the gap between research and practice. I am motivated by my passion and drive for advocacy- providing a voice to those unheard, along with providing quality services and supports to children, adolescent and families from underprivileged and minoritized communities. 

I pride myself in being a lifelong learner with an appreciation for interdisciplinary collaboration. I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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